There's some new stuff here....I have been adding posts that I previous only recorded in my journal in a effort to fill in some blank spots from the past six months...I intend to try to keep up with this little man's comings and goings - if that is possible! Enjoy...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Comfy Cozy

All bundled up and enjoying the comfy cozy stroll through Downtown and all the seasonal festivities at midnight madness....

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

At the Cafe

Silas is enjoying the company of Annaleigh at the cafe....

First Excersaucer!

All these firsts are very exciting, for both Willow and me. Here is footage of Silas exploring his excersaucer for the very first time...he loves being upright and his little legs and feet are just moving the whole time...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Window Gazing

Friday, November 20, 2009

Say Cheese!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Three Months!

I am sitting here with Silas, watching him watch the fish tank. Cooing, gurgling, kicking out his arms and legs in that sporatic infant dance. It's a rare quiet moment. Silas is freshly bathed and cuddly content right now. Everytime I make eye contact with him he gurgles out a few words to me. His eyes are huge and expressive. They follow Goldie around the aquarium....they rest easily on me...we stare at each other for long moments. I smile...he smiles. Clearly, we are in Love. I am drinking a cup of tea and thinking about memory. it is such a strange and powerful thing. It shapes us in the present. Our memories are like the path from which we came....the stories that make u who we are. Will you remember this moment. On some level, will this calm, cozy, loving moment help to shape who he will become? Life is so chaotic and hectic. Silas is, at heart, quite mellow and easy going. When all is well in his world he smiles easily and often. he can now hang out is one of his 'spots' and contently bat and grab at his toys, watch his big sister wreak havoc and joy and observe the general chaotic on goings of the world around him. But when a need overtakes out! This little Lion can Roar! He has a very loud way of letting it be known that he wants or needs...even if I am right bedside him and it is 4 am! I wish I could have more quiet time like this with him, and I will seek to cultivate it in the future. I can see that he loves it. Tonight I gave him a bath and it felt like ages since I had seen his little body naked, eventhough it has only been a couple days. His tiny body is so perfect...he is becoming so strong. He grips my fingers as I help him pull up to a sitting position...and he can hold it quite well on his own...although he is still wobbly when I let go. My favorite thing is to watch him stretch as he is laying down...he arches his little back, his tiny bum so rounded, his little legs pulled up tightly...he stretches his neck, pushing his chin forward and his chubby cheeks get squished forward. I look at him and repeat my loving mantra "you are so perfect" to him several times. He is so precious. Watching him grow and change is a pleasure that nothing else can match. It is pure magic. I watch him closely sometimes as he is nursing. Sometimes so fierce, his nose wrinkles up, and he gives his head a series of tiny little shakes. Sometimes he is so serene and peaceful, his eyes relax into a far away stare.....and eventually his heavy lids flicker closed. Suck suck suck, his little jaw keeps it's rhythm. He is an amazing little being. I want so much to remember him like this. My memories. My story. Yes, being a Mama to him is like adding a golden thread to the fabric of my being. Thank you little are more beautiful than I could ever describe.

Friday, November 13, 2009

And now....the Highchair!

I am pretty excited about this one because is revolutionizes meal times for me...I figured he can sit in a bumbo, he can sit in a high chair too. Willow was really co-operative and willing to give up her booster for an adult chair, which surprised me a little. But, here we have it, the little man can now officially join us at the table in his own chair. It won't be long now until I start giving him little bits of food to taste and explore. I feels a little crazy that he is doing this stuff I moving him along to quickly? No, he is a really strong little guy and he is ready for this. Plus, time has taken on a completely different dimension and seems to traveling at light speed, but it hasn't changed it's pace....we have!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Silas sure is a strong little man. He is not even three months old and he can already hold his head strong and sit in his bumbo chair. Of course, I don't want to rush him through his newborn-ness, but I can't hold him back either. This little guy wants to sit up and see the world around him. Watch out!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Silas has been crying up a storm last night and today. I could hardly get him to stop this afternoon. I am pretty sure he is teething, or beginning the process because he is just gnawing of his little fists like there is no tomorrow. I give him homeopathic teething pills which seem to help...long enough for him to fall asleep anyways. Poor little's so hard to see him so sad. When h does finally calm down, he heaves these big sighs and I can feel his body slump and relax in my arms and I fall in love with him a million times over.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Sunshine

Friday, November 6, 2009


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